Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Many women dream of their wedding dresses at a young age. So when the big day finally comes, you want to make sure it looks its best then and for years to come.

Many brides save their wedding dresses over the years to remember their special day. For over 50 years, Churchill has been specialising in cleaning wedding dresses old and new across the Reigate area.

Initial Inspection

We know how important your wedding dress is to you, so we inspect every inch of the gown.Our team takes great care to clean the hemline and remove any visible stains. We’ve seen it all. Our specialists have a long history of removing water damage, wine, grass and dirt stains in an effective manner.We will remove any decorative trims or embellishments before cleaning and re-attach them after, if necessary.

Cleaning and Drying

Once your wedding dress is safe it passes through our gentle cleaning process to remove years of built up contaminants that tarnish the appearance. After careful cleaning, your wedding dress is naturally air dried.

Vertical Steaming

Fresh from cleaning and drying your wedding dress passes to our vertical steam section where it is carefully hung on a special mannequin and fully enclosed in a steam chamber. This method of steaming allows for creases to ‘drop out’ yet retains the natural shape and flow of your garment.

Finishing Inspection

Your wedding dress is meticulously inspected and any decorative trims or embellishments removed in step one are re-attached.


After the finishing inspection, your wedding dress will be carefully placed in an acid-free wedding dress box lined with acid-free tissue. This special formulation and combination will help prevent the dress from yellowing over time and is the best way to store the dress for years to come.


Each bride is invited to inspect their dress to ensure it is up to their standards.

Although the above process is usually carried out on new dresses that have just been worn or heirlooms that are being refreshed, we can easily carry out individual steps if required.


Your veil can be hand cleaned and preserved as well, either in the same box as the gown or in a box by itself.

Further Information

For such treasured possessions, we always ask that these garments be brought into us as each dress is unique.

For more information about our dry cleaning and preservation services contact Churchill now.

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