Alteration and Repair

Alteration and Repair

Churchill is well known for providing high quality clothing alterations and repairs. From shortening, lengthening, restyle, repair and bridal alterations to invisible mending and much more, we have it all covered. All of this can be complimented with any of our other services such as dry cleaning.

Shortening – Have you bought that perfect item even though it was a little too long?  We can ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect style, Our tailors also specialise in putting the original hems back onto your garments so they look unaltered and as original as possible to the original stitching.

Lengthening – We ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect fit for your body shape and size. On the tall side? Talk to one of our team about our lengthening services. If its too short for you, we can lengthen it.

Taking In – Being petite comes with one downfall; some fashion clothing sizes are just too big. A size 6 in one fashion store can be a size 8 in another or they may not even stock your size. In situations like this you need a professional service provider like Churchill to take in your garment for the perfect fit. Maybe you’ve lost some weight recently and all your old favourites no longer fit even though you would still like to keep them. Just head to our stores and our tailors can help you

Letting Out – You may notice that some fashion garments may have the right length but the jacket sides are restricting your breathing or the trouser waist is too tight. Our tailors can let out almost any garment to ensure they fit. Just head to Churchill where our tailors will ensure you get the right fit for your exact body shape and size. You can let out your pants waist, dresses, jackets, shirt sides and much more. The amount we can let out depends on the garment and the way it is made.

Custom Fit – If you’re like most people then you will have clothes sitting in your wardrobe that just don’t fit! At Churchill we can re-size your garments to fit your current body shape. Instead of having to buy a wardrobe every time your weight fluctuates, you can wear your favourite garments over and over again at any weight. Treasure garments which on longer fit you due to weight loss or gain. Or why not re-size the clothing you want off the fashion store rack that doesn’t come in your size or body shape?

Repair – It’s your favourite garment and the zipper has broken off and there’s a tear in the seams! Churchill to the rescue. We specialise in repairing zippers, hems, linings, beads, sequins that have fallen off, torn seams and holes in garments. Our tailors can also replace missing buttons. With this service you can extend the life of your clothing almost indefinitely because let’s face it, all fashion styles eventually come back.