Some household items that need washing are just too big to fit into a domestic washing machine.


Let’s just stuff that large item in the washing machine

It’s true. You can try to shoehorn that king size duvet into the washing machine drum but even if you did manage to fit it in, washing it could damage your machine.

The simple fact is, the washing machines in most homes were never designed to hold large household items such as bedding and heavy linens. A lot of the modern computerised machines .throw up an error if the load is too much or unevenly spaced.

Although your original idea might have been to save a few pennies, the end result may be an expensive quilt that end up damaged and an even more expensive machine that gives up the ghost and turns your kitchen into a swimming pool!


Stress not

Churchill Dry Cleaners can clean and refresh all of your oversized household items such as bedding, sofa throws, comforters and sheets to name but a few.

You can drop your items to us and use one of our free parking spaces or you can schedule a pickup.

Your household items will be cleaned at the optimal temperature in our commercial machines. Premium detergents and fabric softeners will be used to ensure that your items come back to you clean, fresh and free from any allergens.


Take back control of your free time

Let Churchill Dry Cleaners handle your washing mountain with a smile leaving you to get on with more important things.



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