Acana Moth Monitoring Trap

Acana Moth Monitoring Trap

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First Alert of Infestation, Large Catching Surface, No Harsh Chemicals, With End of Life Indicator, Each pad lasts 8 weeks.

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The Moth Monitoring Trap is a brand new addition to our popular moth killing range.

The Moth Monitoring Trap is an extremely effective way to find the source of your moth problem without the use of harsh chemicals.

The adult moth is attracted to this simple and effective moth trap, thus taking them out of the breeding cycle. Remember, it is not fully-grown moths but their larvae that do the damage to your precious garments and natural fibres! By eliminating the adult moth you can dramatically reduce the risk of infestation in your home or wardrobe.

This product both attracts and traps moths whilst also checking for First Alerts of infestation and monitoring the effectiveness of your other moth killing products. Advanced pheromone technology attracts the moths to the unit, trapping them on to the large sticky board, to provide immediate and visual evidence of a moth infestation. The unit lasts for up to 8 weeks with a unique ‘End of Life Indicator’ to inform you exactly when to replace the component, maximising the moth-catching capabilities of this very effective product.

This unit can be hung or attached to most clean surfaces – such as a wardrobe side – using the double-sided sticky pad provided. Alternatively, the unit just free stands on any suitable stable surface such as a table or window ledge.

A must-have in any home, this Moth Monitoring Trap is the essential all-singing, all-dancing new product to protect your home from moth damage.

Unit is 17cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 36 × 40 × 42 cm


2 reviews for Acana Moth Monitoring Trap

  1. Sue

    This does work. Used one last year and within about 30 minutes the male clothes moths were all around and on the trap. I squashed the one’s not on the trap in case they flew away again. This year have only caught one moth so far, so problem much reduced/gone. I had one trap and moved to another room after 24-48 hours so covered the whole house.

  2. Andrew

    Love this product; very effective at catching moths, preventing the males from breeding. Invaluable in getting rid.

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