Acana Fabric Moth Killer 275ML

Acana Fabric Moth Killer 275ML

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Kills In 15 minutes, Ideal for clothing, Will not stain, Fine mist spray.

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The Acana Fabric Moth Killer & Freshener can be applied to your clothing* to kill moth, their larvae and their eggs. Hooray!

This product has been specially formulated using the latest technology. It kills the moth, eggs and larvae in just 15 minutes and is an ideal first response to any infestation. Additionally, it will also treat items of clothing/fabrics*, providing reassurance before storing.

It comes in an easy-to-handle trigger spray bottle and dispenses a fine mist spray. Each bottle will cover approximately 13.75 sq. metres, will not stain, and has a pleasant lavender(ish) fragrance to it.

* Not suitable for use on Silk, Leather or Suede.

As a precaution we suggest any treated fabric is laundered before wearing.

If you have any questions or want advice for your moth infestation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help and aim to solve your problem as best we can.

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3 reviews for Acana Fabric Moth Killer 275ML

  1. Stuart

    What a godsend. I was beginning to detest my own home as these little buggers had taken over. I sprayed the entire flat with this for two days in a row and immediately noticed the difference. It worked so well I purchased a couple more.

  2. Andrew

    Seems to work well and didn’t affect my breathing (I have COPD & asthma) which I was rather concerned about

  3. Coen Jacobs

    We had a bedroom infested with carpet moths that were munching away at the edges of the carpet. Moth traps kept them in check for a bit, but they kept coming back, and it went on like this for maybe a year. We nearly hired a professional pest control service but that would have cost us at least ÂŁ200 or so. Instead we decided to give this a try first. I was worried it would be difficult to use, smelly, or ineffective, but the results were excellent. Treating the room took maybe an hour including clearing out some small furniture and the clothes from the closet (the carpet in the closet was infested too, but the clothes were mostly synthetic fibres and didn’t need spraying). The actual spraying took about 10 minutes (all of carpet, but most thoroughly on the edges). It does smell a lot when freshly sprayed and feels a bit irritating, so I made sure not to breathe too much and kept the window wide open. After that I closed the door to that room and left the window open for an hour or so before vacuuming. The smell was much better by then, but I left the window open another 4-5 hrs at least. Recommend doing this on a mild day rather than the middle of winter. No one slept in the room that night, although you probably could have used it normally, as there was nearly no smell after the extended ventilation. I repeated the same treatment about a month later to kill another (smaller) batch of moths. This was last August and we have not seen a single moth since, so this is truly an effective, long term solution. But there is still plenty of spray left in the bottle if the beasts ever dare to return…

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